Swedish Week always takes place in November in connection with the celebration of Finnish Swedish Heritage Day on November 6. During this week we offer a larger number of cultural events in Swedish than usual.

The Swedish Assembly of Finland (Folktinget) wishes to highlight the rich and versatile range of cultural events in Swedish that exist in our country. We especially want to offer cultural experiences to those living far away from cultural institutions such as theatres. The events are free of charge and usually organised in schools and children’s day-care centres, enabling children and young people to take part. The events may also serve as a link between the Swedish-speaking and Finnish-speaking populations in the area.

Swedish Week is managed and coordinated by The Swedish Assembly of Finland, but the different regions also have their own organising committees. In 2022, over 20,000 visitors had the opportunity to attend more than 220 events.

On the Swedish Week website you can find the events arranged by region. With this versatile programme we wish to offer new experiences for everyone, regardless of background or mother tongue.  We want to spread joy and a feeling of affinity for culture in Swedish to everyone.

You are very welcome to take part in the biggest cultural event in Swedish in Finland!

The idea to celebrate a week of Swedish culture was born when Helsinki was chosen as one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2000. That year brought new contributions to urban culture and a higher profile for artists and cultural producers alike. The original project was called Rötter, Röster, Rum (Roots, Voices, Rooms) and in 2000 it gave rise to roughly 150 different events in the capital region of Finland – in Swedish. The concept eventually spread to other places in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland, and since 2006 The Swedish Assembly of Finland has been coordinating the programme in cooperation with local organisers. Swedish Week is currently arranged in 28 different places.

The Swedish Assembly of Finland arranges Swedish Week with financial support from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden), the foundation Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds minne, the association Svenska folkskolans vänner and the foundation Tre Smeder.