Swedish Language Café

A café open for everyone that wants to practise their Swedish skills.

The Swedish Language Café is open for anyone who wishes to practice their Swedish in a laid back environment. You can come and improve your Swedish every Tuesday from 17.00-18.30, and on the 7th of November we are celebrating the Swedish week together. This is a great way to both activate and improve your Swedish.

The Language Café is being held in cooperation with Kvinnliga Akademiker r.f. It is held at Luckan Verandan, Georgsgatan 31, it is free of charge and no registration needed. For more information: integration@luckan.fi.

Swedish Language Café

  • tisdag 6.11.2018 kl. 17.00 till kl. 18.30
Verandan, Luckan
Georgsgatan 31
00100 Helsingfors

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